Thursday, September 20, 2007

that's entertainment

With the beginning of school, The Entertainer started playing violin for orchestra and also has a new piano teacher.
The plucked violin can produce recognizable tunes. The Entertainer has started having sore fingers leading toward the necessary calluses. That's good.

The new piano teacher seems to be a good match. That's good, too.

The Entertainer is currently sitting on the piano bench belting out Christmas Carols instead of actually playing any instrument. She has a nice voice and sings on pitch. That's good.

But CHRISTMAS, geez, we haven't even made it to October yet. The air conditioner is still on 'cause we're still in the nineties during the day. Shoot at 8:00 pm tonight the temp: 89 degrees.

Maybe I could hire her out for the Always Christmas store ...

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