Thursday, September 20, 2007

O Christmas tree by The Entertainer

Two years ago, a boy in The Entertainer's homeroom told about the Christmas Tree at his house falling over on top of him. He wrote new words for the chorus of "O Christmas Tree" and proceeded to teach it to his class.

He finally sang it one too many times and ended up in the hall.

Two days later, on a field trip to see the Nutcracker, a Christmas tree fell over in front of the whole class as they waited for the bus to pick them up. The best 3rd grade teacher ever had the whole class sing the song on the spot.

After The Entertainer's piano lesson on Tuesday, we were looking at our collection of music for Christmas music at the level she needs. We came to "O Christmas Tree" and she sang the 3rd grade version of the chorus. She then made up verses on the fly.

Tonight, as she is not practicing her assignments but is being musical, she has sung her way through two collections of Christmas carols.

I now have stuck in my head "O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, you stupid thing, you fell on me."

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