Monday, September 24, 2007

a chaplain?

I'm am so with it concerning entertainment news that I learned from Songbird about the new season of ER having a chaplain. I think I'll set ER up for recording now.

I quit watching ER when my kids quit going to their dad's on Thursday night. I would have them in bed, turn on ER, and they would wander out of bed. Of course, that only happened on Thursday nights when I wanted to watch ER and had not prepared any means for recording the show. ER also seemed to get more and more incredible stretching my willing suspension of disbelief past the breaking point. So, at some point after the knife attacker got Lucy and Carter, my faithful watching turned into "Oh, is it ER night?"

I started watching ER when it first premiered with the Sportsqueen, only months old, in my arms as I waited for then husband to come home after his weekly late night of work. I was captured by ER. I loved how Greene talked to Carter about when one of the cases "gets to you" and how if you really cared you took the chance that someone would "get to you" or how you could detach and no one would ever "get to you." I loved the nurse Haleh.
One of my favorite sermons (submitted for ordination requirements, no less) included the scene from "Blizzard" where Haleh stands in the midst of the chaotic ER holding a child as tenderly as if she were her own singing "His Eye is On the Sparrow." I cry just thinking about it.

I pray that if (God forbid) my child experiences trauma there is someone who will stand in the chaos, hold them as tenderly as if she were hers, and sing with quite assurance about God's love and presence with the calm, soothing sounds of a lullaby.

That, to me, is the Kingdom of God at hand.


Songbird said...

I love Haleh.
It's been several years since I watched the show regularly, but I will almost certainly check in on the chaplain character and see what they do with her. DVRs are wonderful!

mid-life rookie said...

Having just finished CPE at large county hospital to the east of you, I too am interested in seeing how the chaplain role plays out. I saw Songbird's post. There's no time for romance when your the chaplain, much less sex. So I'm with you, they are expecting a great deal of our imaginations.

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