Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Five: What's Red and Blue and Purple All Over?

Those of us who are in the United States have just been through quite a topsy-turvy election. During the campaign we heard a fair amount about red states and blue states, when in fact most of us live in some shade of purple. And so... a lighter look at those confounding colors:

1. Favorite red food Has to be steak. My step-dad makes sure the freezer here has "home grown" beef. So, ironically, when we can't afford to eat out, we have steak. well, not all the time, sometimes we have roast or hamburger.

2. Tell us about the bluest body of water you've ever seen in person. There was a fountain with blue lights and blue die in Kansas City when the Royals were winning (like George Brett era). Other than that, I am hopelessly deprived to a world of brown water.

3. It's movie rental time: Blue Planet, The Color Purple, or Crimson Tide? I'd rather rent My Blue Heaven but if it's not available then I'll take The Man with One Red Shoe

4. What has you seeing red these days? Well, that's a long story but the short version is: some folks at church who focus a lot of time and energy on money and aren't happy that their pastor is convinced that money is not the most important thing but a tool that empowers us to make disciples

5. What or who picks you up when you're feeling blue? I tend to hide in books, movies, the computer, and I talk to my college roommate, sister, and friends. Most of the time, more than one of those at a time.


Songbird said...

And how about The Red Balloon?

Captainwow said...

dang man. I like number 4. You can come be my pastor!

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