Thursday, November 30, 2006

first grade mumps

A long time ago, when I was a first grader, I got the mumps from the MMR. Not bad, but bad enough to be home. Gran'ma was in the kitchen. I was on the couch.

I might have been watching TV or I might have been just there on the couch. The Christmas tree was decorated and standing at the end of the couch. I made Gran'ma leave the lights on all day.

We had bubble lights. They were so cool to watch all day. And even when the TV was on for cartoons, the bubble lights had to stay on because they were so cool.

At some point, the cat decided that the real live Cedar Christmas tree was fair game for her claws. The tree fell over on the couch. On me. I could just barely see above the top of the tree but I couldn't move.

Gran'ma rescued me.

And threw the cat out.

I wasn't hurt at all. Can't vouch for the cat.

Christmas memories.


Songbird said...

Oh, you poor thing!

revabi said...

Oh poor you. Mumps at Christmas. I bet the cat wasn't let inside for awhile.
No wonder you like the bubble lights.

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