Tuesday, November 21, 2006

boomer sooner

I am not a Sooner fan. But sometimes the Sooners bring my college roommate close enough to eat together. I like it when we get to see each other. She grew up an Okie and I love her anyway.

She travels to a lot of OU games. Most of the time she says, "Watch for me on TV. I'll be the one wearing red." She is the reason I know about Carl Pendleton.

Carl Pendleton is giving up his last year of eligibilty in football. He is a starter for OU. Unlike most guys with one year left, he's not giving up to go pro. He's giving up to raise his 10 year old brother. Part of the story is here.

Sports Illustrated has an article in the
Nov 13 issue about Carl.

Carl is the President of FCA at OU.

He even teaches Sunday School.

Because of the NCAA rules regarding gifts for athletes, people who would like to help Carl with money to raise his brother can't.

Carl turned down an honorarium for speaking and his brother said, "But we're broke!"

Carl kept telling his brother that God would take care of them.

Carl has been awarded an $18,000 scholarship for Draddy Trophy finalists.

Carl's little brother said, "You're right!"
Carl asked, "About what?"
"God does take care of us!"

Thanks be to God.
Boomer Sooner.

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