Monday, July 16, 2007

vacation: the farm, and history

A few days ago, we were on the farm. Papa called into town to say, "Let's roast weenies and marshmallows." Turns out that Papa and Good Neighbor were burning a huge dead tree in the field. Papa had figured out that about dark the coals would be "perfect." And they were. We had such a great time out in the field with the smoldering stump. We used chocolate chip cookies as the outside part for s'mores. The Entertainer went with G'ma to the store. The Entertainer is the one who chose chewy chocolate chip cookies. They worked even better than we thought they would. MMMMM.

While we were out there, Papa was talking about the Butterfield Trail going through the property. On our part of the trail, we even have a culvert built to help the stagecoach across a ditch. SportsQueen got up early the next morning and Papa dumped her out on the trail. She ran about half a mile on the trail on the farm. That was pretty cool. G'ma took both girls to a nearby historical marker to take their picture.

The day after that we traveled north about 90 miles to see Mimi. Mimi's house is on the corner in a small town and the Butterfield trail runs right past her house. So as we talked she told us about another marker that was down a country road in the direction we needed to go to travel back to the farm but not on the road we usually take. So we followed Mimi's directions and took another picture. At that marker, there is also an old wagon. We weren't really planning that history lesson but had a great adventure with the whole thing.

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