Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Monday after Vacation

While on vacation, I received several phone calls from doctors' offices, specifically, the Rheumatologist and the Primary Care. I had already called the Primary Care doctor to set up a physical because of Rheumatologist's concerns over slightly elevated blood sugar levels. The earliest appointment I could get for that visit? Sept 11. However, after one of the nurse practitioners in Primary Care's office saw the lab results sent by Rheumatologist, a call was placed and message left for me on the machine asking for a quick response. I talked to the person on Friday and saw the Primary Care today.

I waited forever to see Primary Care, not really surprising. I really like my doc alot. I wish the office was managed differently so I would not sit and wait so much.

After waiting forever, having a decent amount of conversation, I got to learn how to use one of these.

oh. joy.

First, I forgot to put the strip in the machine first so I got an error message for using a previously used strip. Damn. Another stick.

Second, even though I have the minimal amount needed monitor, I didn't get enough very easily. So I "milked" and finally got enough.

Then, as I was taking everything apart to put the sharp part in the red box, the protective cap slipped off and the sharp part stuck my thumb. I had plently of sample then! Why couldn't that have happened for the finger? So by the time I was actually done with the first test, I had three spots instead of one.

At least the test two hours later, after supper, was a one stick test.

I'm on a new learning curve.

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chartreuseova said...

So sorry to hear about the glucometer use...not fun, I know.

I pretty much have refused to do fingersticks. I use alternate site testing on my forearm. I use the Freestyle Flash meter but many of the meters are approved ( I think your is) for alternate sites...so much less pain (usually none), no healing time and lots of area to rotate the sticks even if you do have to do 3 sticks. Alternate site testing isn't for everyone, but it might be something to consider.

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