Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday five from RevGalBlogPals

Friday 5- looking back, looking forward

posted by Sally

When I began work here at Downham Market a wise friend told me that after one year I would see a few changes and sense God at work- years two and three would cause me to question and to wonder why I had chosen to accept the post here and in year four I might see the beginnings of something new.

And so with that in mind alongside yesterdays celebrations I bring you Friday 5 Looking back, looking forward..

1. Share a moment/ time of real encouragement in your journey of faith Finally, I am in a church where "staying" is not a chore but a delight. I am the pastor not just because I have an office that says so and I wear a robe but because the members behave in ways that show their "ownership" of me as their pastor. There's something about the church claiming me as their pastor instead of seeing me as the pastor the Bishop sent here that makes ministry more comfortable and natural.

2. Do you have a current vision / dream for your work/ family/ministry? The current vision/dream for work is to continue to help the church live into God's call for them which will also allow me to stay here giving both my family and this church some continuity and stability. Personally, I have one class left for coursework for PhD work. I'll take it in the spring but I can see the finish line from where I am.

3.Money is no object and so you will..... travel through Europe, see the Seattle Seahawks play at home, go to concerts by John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Dixie Chicks, Norah Jones, The Eagles, see multiple Broadway shows, and buy a house.

4. How do you see your way through the disappointments? What keeps you going? Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is the two kids that are dependent on me. When I separated, they were too little to do much on their own. I had to get out of bed to feed and clothe them. Within church life, the paycheck that allowed me to meet their financial needs (well, and the house that comes with that job) kept my mouth closed and one foot moving in front of the other. But don't be fooled into thinking that I did it alone. The rare and few friends I had gave me the ability to claim my value in the face of repeated devaluing. More than once "I'll pray for you" meant "I know you can't pray right now so I'll say your prayers until you can find your voice and pray again for yourself."

5. How important are your roots? Well, both very important and not really important either. On the one hand, I wouldn't be who I am without those roots but, on the other hand, there are many ways in which I have distanced myself from those roots in order to live a more balanced, healthier life.

6. Bonus= what would you like to add ? I'll be reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in hours!


Sally said...

love that bonus- It is raining here but my daughter (18) plans to join a queue to get her hands on a copy!!!

Graet thoughts to- well played despite the H.P. distraction.

ellbee said...

Headed out to the local B&N at 6 for wristbands, dinner, a second viewing of HP5, then back to B&N for the final push to MIDNITE!!!

Great post, in spite of a head full of wizarding excitement :)

karlassi said...

Happy your bonus and love all the excitement today around dear Potter. Great discussion on On Point at NPR today about children's lit and this last tome of the saga Potter.

Songbird said...

Thank God for those people in #4.

Serena said...

Great post, thanks for playing ... and have a great time reading HP!

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