Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well, sometimes there are adventures I'd rather not have taken.

I discovered lice ... in both girls' hair.

I had no idea what I was looking for but when I saw it the second time I was pretty sure. When the RID killed those bugs, I was quite sure. It took forever to treat both girls, wash a thousand loads of laundry, and spray everything that couldn't be washed or isolated.

The SportsQueen squealed, "There are dead bugs next to me in the tub!" So I asked, "Would you rather had dead bugs in the tub next to you or live ones in your hair?" "I'll handle the dead ones." The Entertainer handled the whole thing better. Maybe because she got to go first, maybe because she's 10 instead of almost 13. The good news is round one has been completed and no live bugs have been found since. The better news is no live bugs have been found in my hair at all.

On the night when we found the bugs, the girls got to bed about 2 am while I followed about 2 hours later. Talk about tired when I had to wake up to call the schools and rearrange my day! Actually, talk about tired for days! I can't pull all nighters any more.

Since the girls couldn't go to school but were perfectly healthy, we went geocaching on a perfectly lovely day! redemption!

as they say, not all who wander are lost

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Songbird said...

Been there and done that, but with only one girl. However her hair was very, very long the first time, so we suffered dreadfully.
I agree that all-nighters are not so feasible now that I am, shall we say, no longer young.
Enjoy combing the nits...because apparently that's the key, even moreso than the chemicals.

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