Tuesday, January 23, 2007

maybe something is sinking in

There was a period of time when both the SportsQueen and the Entertainer wore the same size clothes. Then the SportsQueen had a growth spurt and the Entertainer got all of those clothes. We quickly donated the ones that she didn't like but she still had a very significant wardrobe.

The Entertainer is now outgrowing that significant wardrobe. We sorted six (yes 6) garbage bags full of outgrown clothes to donate over the weekend. As we were moving those bags downstairs and then to the vehicle, the SportsQueen said, "Mom, maybe we should go to "the red and white circle store" or to "the mart developed by Sam" and buy some new underwear and socks to go with these clothes. You know, they don't get those new things very often and socks and underwear need to be new." I said, "Great idea, SportsQueen."

So as we drove to find a bin to donate the clothes we stopped at the red and white circle store. We bought socks and underwear that corresponded in size to the clothes we were donating. We found the biggest packages for the lowest price. We had a pantypalooza with socks. When we checked out, the total announced by the cashier was over $50.

As we walked toward the door, the SportsQueen said, "Mom, that was kinda expensive and we only got socks and underwear." I said, "Yep, it was." She said, "I'm sorry I didn't mean for you to spend that much." I replied, "That's okay. It was a good idea. And we're gonna help some other kids."

That's a lot for a 7th grader to recognize: new underwear and socks to go with the used clothes and the cost associated with the gift.

Maybe her world is bigger than the orbit just past the end of her nose.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

What a great kid! Fine job your doing there mom... treat yourself to a latte!!

reverendmother said...

Good job SportsQueen! And her conscientious mama!

mid-life rookie said...

Awesome! Give her a hug if you can catch her! Thanks for sharing this.

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