Wednesday, January 17, 2007

look over here

So geocaching is like a scavenger hunt, or hide and seek, using a gps. We convinced my sister to go with us to look for a cache hidden at a nearby wally world. We had the coordinates and had determined the cache was hidden next to the guard rail in one of three trees. The gps has a section that shows the range of accuracy in feet. We were within 13 to 16 feet of the exact coordinates when we were next to the trees.

Meanwhile, the Entertainer is holding the gps and stands about 20 feet away from the trees in the parking lot. She says, "You need to look over here. I've got 10 feet of accuracy." We say, "Yeah, but what are the coordinates?" Reply, "I have 10 FEET of accuracy!!!" "But what are the coordinates?" "TEN FEET of accuracy." Me: "But it's from the wrong coordinates."

We were still telling her that her ten feet of accuracy didn't make a difference when the coordinates are wrong when security came to see what we were doing.

The amazing part is we found the cache with the help of the headlights from the security guy's truck and he was really cool about the whole geocaching thing.

We get the giggles about that night.

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reverendmother said...

This sounds SO fun.

And re your next post--that's interesting about the Kubler-Ross stuff! Thanks!

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