Saturday, August 19, 2006

RevGalPals Friday Five From Across the Pond

In the spirit of My Word! and Says You!, Songbird and Kathryn offer up a Brilliantly British Friday Five.

Below you will find five phrases seen or heard by Songbird on her British holiday. Use your imagination to define them. Points will be granted for humor. If you are one of our British RevGals, don't play, but please e-mail either Songbird or Kathryn to let us know of any definitions you find particularly amusing or inventive. There will be lovely prizes provided by Kathryn (Diocesan magazine, St. M's notelets, history of St. M's, parish magazine--come on Barbara Pym fans, I know you want that last one!!!), so do your best!

Adverse Camber: The part of the commercial jingle that goes over and over in your head

Butts Wynd: the uncontrollable rounds of "but mom" that are verbal windmills and remind the mother of Don Quixote

Plague Church: the Bible belt church that's left after they find out a clergywoman is coming

Free House: what "they" think the parsonage is; but the hidden costs ...

Mind the Gap: the thing between what you said in the sermon and what they heard


Songbird said...

Those are great!
Thanks for playing this week.

St. Casserole said...

I think you win!

The Vicar of Hogsmeade said...

Thanks St casserole, I can do smart*ss but I'll need the internet for the real answers

Kathryn said...


carmen said...

i love that last one. how true!

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