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Friday Five: All about Cars!

Friday Five: All About Cars!

as posted by SingingOwl

Maybe it's just me, but I often remember how long ago something occurred or something about it by recalling the car we had at the time. For today's Friday Five, tell us about the cars in your life. Maybe we can even tempt some of the guys of the ring to join us. Specifically, tell us about:

1. The earliest recollection you have of a family car

I remember laying in the very back (we called it the rumble seat even though it was not a seat) of our VW bug looking out the window at the stars as we traveled to and from the various relatives houses.

2. The first car you drove when you could (legally) get behind the wheel yourself.

It was a Gremlin with Levi denim seats. I had a key but it wasn't mine. My first car was an American Motors Rambler.

3. A memorable road trip

The Rambler took groups of friends to Denver and Dallas during breaks from school. On the Denver trip, I got two speeding tickets within two hours.

4. The car you drive now. Love it? Hate it?

The car I have now has 230,000+ miles & I love it! Toyota 4Runner

5. An interesting story that involves you and a vehicle. (No, I do not have a dirty mind!)

When I turned 16, the driver's test rotated among the small towns in the area. The test was not in my town on my birthday. It was in a little town that was between my grandparent's and my home. It really was about 1/3 toward me and 2/3 away from them but my grandfather brought his car to the test site because his was an automatic and the Gremlin was a manual transmission. He thought it would be easier to take the test in his car. I passed the test with flying colors and got my license on my birthday thanks to grandpa!

Bonus: What's your idea of good "car music?"

It all depends on who is with me and where we are going. If someone is being obnoxiously loud with their music, I'm very likely to roll down my windows and crank up the Beethoven or Mendelssohn or Schubert or ...

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