Friday, May 11, 2012

RevGalBlogPals: Friday Five: Extreme Random

Friday Five: Extreme Random 

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Hi there~~
Happy Friday to all of you.  Today's Friday Five has no theme, other than randomness.
That's o.k., right?
So, just to get to know each other a little bit (even more) here is the meme:

1.  What is the first thing that comes to your mind (right now) that you want to share about yourself.

1st, I'm moving. That is the thing most dominant in my thoughts so that is the first thing that came to mind. I think that is pathetic. But nonetheless that was the first thing that came to mind when I read that question. Ask me again in July.  

2.  What is your favorite piece of jewelry or accessory? Why?

I have a simple, crystal cross that was a gift from The Entertainer. It was the first present she purchased on her own for me and was so well thought out. I love it for its beauty. I also love that it represents her growth and maturity in that part of childhood. A true treasure.

3.  If you could have a starring role in a T.V. show/movie/series, which one would it be, and what would your character be like?

My character doesn't exist. :( She would need to be some kind of combination of C.J. Craig (West Wing), Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter), Margaret Pynchon (Lou Grant), and M (James Bond, being "male" is a cover). Not the star but an integral part of the story which would be significantly more dull without her sharp wit and obvious intellect. :)

4.  What is one thing you will eat this weekend?

Since there is a "typical female brunch" thing at church for the consumer driven day so I'm pretty sure I'll have quiche and fruit. It's a bit dainty and froo-froo for me. Too bad for the "guys" day, they don't do ribs. As the Pastor, I would *so* crash that party!

5.  How do you waste time? (If you do, that is...)

It depends. If I am waiting for a meeting or to pick up a kid, I'm usually on my phone with facebook, twitter, Words with Friends (when it works AUGH). I also read real books with paper pages (usually because the battery on my phone is dying). I finish more books when I listen to them while driving but I'm not sure that counts as wasting time. I like to watch TV some of it might contribute to the loss of brain cells so I crochet while I watch TV in order to recapture them before they disappear completely. I also pretend like I'm doing something very important by going Geocaching. 

And now, for a small amount of time, I will not be the last blog on the blogroll of RevGalBlogPals. :)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

A story for Ascension

I heard the story from someone who’d read it in the works of Abba Sayah …He admits that it’s a pretty shaky story when it comes to reality but there is no doubt whatsoever that it’s true.

As the gospels tell us, after forty days of resurrection appearances, Jesus knew it was time to leave his disciples – his mother, his brothers and sisters, all his companions in the Way. It was hard to say goodbye, but he knew that the time had come. After all, he was the Truth and we humans can only take so much of that.

So Jesus called them all together on the mountain top, and made his farewells. It was a tearful moment. Mary was crying. John was crying. Jesus was crying. Even Peter, the immovable rock, was reaching for his handkerchief.

They knew that Jesus had said he would always be with them. But they also knew it wasn't going to be the same. There would be no more breakfasts by the seashore, no more late night discussions around the campfire, no more unexpected jugs of wine…and so they wept.

Jesus was sad too, but he was glad to be returning to his Father, and he knew it was all part of the plan. And so he began to ascend.

As Abba Sayah told the story, as Jesus began to rise, slowly and gracefully into the air, John just couldn't bear it. He grabbed hold of Jesus' right leg, and refused to let go.
"John?" said Jesus “What are you doing?”
And John shouted back,

"If you won't stay with us, then I'm coming too."

Jesus calmly continued to rise, hoping that John would let go. But he didn’t. And then, to make matters worse, Mary suddenly jumped up and grabbed hold of Jesus' other leg.
"I'm coming too," she shouted.
By now, Jesus’ big exit had obviously been ruined, but he looked up into heaven, and called out:
"Okay, Father... what do I do now?" And a voice came out of the clouds, deep and loud like the rumbling of thunder in the distance.
"Ascend!" the voice said.
"Ascend?" Jesus asked
"Ascend!" the voice replied.

So Jesus continued to rise through the air, with John and Mary holding on until they too were lifted off the ground. But the other disciples couldn’t bear to be left behind either, so they too jumped on board…and within moments there was this pyramid of people hanging in the middle of the sky. Jesus at the top. John and Mary next. The other apostles hanging on below. Quite a sight, if anyone had been watching...

And then - what was this? Suddenly all kinds of people were appearing out of nowhere…friends and neighbors from around Galilee, people who’d heard Jesus’ stories, people whom he had healed, people who just knew that he was something special…Young and old,- men, women, children, Jews and Gentiles…a huge crowd – and they too refused to be left behind…So, they made a grab for the last pair of ankles and hung on for dear life. One way and another there was quite a kerfuffle -people squealing “Wait for me” -then startled yelps as they felt themselves seized by the ankle -and above it all the voice of God calling out, “Ascend!"

But all of a sudden, from the bottom of the pyramid, there came the voice of a small child.
"Wait!” he shrilled, “I've lost my dog! Wait for me”
"I can't wait," Jesus called back, "I don't know how this thing works."

But the little boy wasn't going to be left behind, and he was determined his dog was coming with him. So, still holding on with one hand, he grabbed hold of a tree with the other, and held on with all his might.

For a moment, the whole pyramid stopped dead in the air - Jesus pulling upwards, and the little boy holding on to the tree, scanning the horizon for his lost dog. But Jesus couldn't stop. The ascension had begun, and God was pulling him back up to heaven.

At first it looked as if the tree would uproot itself. But then the tree held on, and it started to pull the ground up with it. Sort of like when you pull a rug up in the middle, the soil itself started moving up into the sky. And hundreds of miles away, where the soil met the oceans, the oceans held on. And where the oceans met the shores, the shores held on. All of it held on, like there was no tomorrow.

Jesus DID ascend to heaven, He went back to his natural habitat, living permanently in the presence of God’s endless love and care and wholeness and laughter. But, as Abba Sayah tells it, he pulled all of creation – the whole kit and caboodle – everything that ever was or is or ever will be – he pulled it all up into heaven with him.

There's a sense in which we can think about the Ascension as “Christmas backwards”. At Christmas, we concentrate on Jesus coming to earth to transform us with the presence of God. At Ascension, we focus instead on Jesus taking earth back with him into heaven…

Whichever way you look at it, the work of Jesus was to transform us and the world we live in by infusing everything with the presence of God. Heaven meets earth; earth is drawn into heaven.

And, as Abba Saya said. that's where we've been ever since.

If you have a source for this let me know and I'll be glad to credit it. I have no idea where I got it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Friday Five: All about Cars!

Friday Five: All About Cars!

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Maybe it's just me, but I often remember how long ago something occurred or something about it by recalling the car we had at the time. For today's Friday Five, tell us about the cars in your life. Maybe we can even tempt some of the guys of the ring to join us. Specifically, tell us about:

1. The earliest recollection you have of a family car

I remember laying in the very back (we called it the rumble seat even though it was not a seat) of our VW bug looking out the window at the stars as we traveled to and from the various relatives houses.

2. The first car you drove when you could (legally) get behind the wheel yourself.

It was a Gremlin with Levi denim seats. I had a key but it wasn't mine. My first car was an American Motors Rambler.

3. A memorable road trip

The Rambler took groups of friends to Denver and Dallas during breaks from school. On the Denver trip, I got two speeding tickets within two hours.

4. The car you drive now. Love it? Hate it?

The car I have now has 230,000+ miles & I love it! Toyota 4Runner

5. An interesting story that involves you and a vehicle. (No, I do not have a dirty mind!)

When I turned 16, the driver's test rotated among the small towns in the area. The test was not in my town on my birthday. It was in a little town that was between my grandparent's and my home. It really was about 1/3 toward me and 2/3 away from them but my grandfather brought his car to the test site because his was an automatic and the Gremlin was a manual transmission. He thought it would be easier to take the test in his car. I passed the test with flying colors and got my license on my birthday thanks to grandpa!

Bonus: What's your idea of good "car music?"

It all depends on who is with me and where we are going. If someone is being obnoxiously loud with their music, I'm very likely to roll down my windows and crank up the Beethoven or Mendelssohn or Schubert or ...

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Friday Five: New Year's Eve

Friday Five: New Year's Eve

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I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions, but it does seem a good time for some reflection and planning. For the last few days I keep thinking of Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Among other things, that seems to say that reflection is in order if we want to learn and grow.

For some of us, this has been an incredibly difficult year; for others it has been a year of many joys. For all of us, there have been challenges and questions and there have been blessings and--maybe even an answer or two! As we say our goodbyes to 2010 and look towards 2011, share with us five blessings from 2010 along with five hopes or dreams for 2011.

5 Blessings (not in rank order) of 2010

1. Another year in the same church!

2. My kids. They're both teenagers so we have some "moments" but far and away most of the time I am proud of them.

3. Insurance to pay for this chronic disease that makes my RA dr use her training and stay on top of the current information to keep my body moving on most days.

4. Friends who more than once were gifts from God if not God incarnate

5. More confidence in cooking. I'll never compete on Top Chef but there are more options on our menu.

Hopes for 2011

1. a finished dissertation??? Please dear God help me!

2. a child with a driver's license. I need her to drive to help calm the chaos.

3. more events/ministries that help the church connect to those around us, people excited about doing those things, and hopefully, growing more and more into the church God is calling us to be.

4. a successful transition for the kid who will start high school in the fall

5. calm, uneventful health

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