Thursday, January 29, 2009

token post

The good news is that I am actually typing this myself so there's physical improvement! I switched from Orencia which seems not to work very effectively for me (it seemed to have some benefit but not enough to decrease the "supportive bridge" medicines or to reach the prior level of functioning that had been reached on Humira or Remicade) to Enbrel. Yesterday was the 2nd dose of Enbrel so I don't know about the total amount of effectiveness yet. I have high hopes because it functions like Humira and Remicade both of which worked well for as long as they were effective.

The bad news is I am typing in a modified way because I have 3 stitches in the end of my ring finger. Other bad news is that the power supply on the desktop (faster with better keyboard) died. The new one arrived and the plug for the hard drive was the wrong kind. So no further training or use of DNS for now and limited typing before I have to quit.

And there have been more hospitalizations and serious illness since Christmas than in the last 6 months. So the dissertation is pathetically lagging. It almost seems like a conspiracy to keep me from working on it in any significant way.

Meanwhile, both girls are significantly involved in sports and music so life is incredibily busy. And, the small raise in salary helped me move forward in hiring, rather than merely wishing to hire, domestic goddesses!


Mary Beth said...

It is great to read you and I am hoping and praying for the better results of the Enbrel.

Many thanks to God for the DG! I adore mine.

Songbird said...

Praying for you, and glad you have a Domestic Goddess!

zorra said...

Glad you have a DG--and that you felt able to write this post. The dissertation will happen!!

Empowering-sounding WV: enactio!

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I am blessed by a domestic goddess of my own, since I shall never be able to clean house to the exacting standards of the person who has made all the mess-- I mean, the Spouse.

Kathrynzj said...

Take CARE of yourself.

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