Thursday, July 24, 2008

software solutions

In an attempt to reconcile myself with the functionality of my body and my need to produce documents, I have obtained a well known voice recognition software program. This is proof that it really does work pretty well.

On the advice of Disability Services at the University where I am scheduled for comps, I was exploring the software options before the most recent arthritis concern. Just in case. Now, I think that was pretty good advice. The software package came with a wired microphone headset that seems to work well. However, if I upgrade to a Bluetooth headset microphone, I can even wander around while writing.

I guess the next thing to do is to write my sermons with this program. So then I will get used to it before I have to take comps.

The most awkward thing so far is actually speaking my thoughts out loud. I'm so used to typing my thoughts that speaking them is odd.

And then there's the editing, I don't have it completely figured out yet. But a few mouse movements and keyboard strokes go a long way.


Songbird said...

I keep telling myself that it's the editing that takes more effort, so why bother, but hearing you, i'm wondering. Keep us posted on how the sermon writing goes.

mid-life rookie said...

How cool is that? I hope you find this to be a wonderful tool. I'm with you on the typing - not because I can't talk it out but because I'm a kinesthetic as well as auditory learner. I need to feel something in my hand - a pen, or more recently a keyboard with just the right amount of spring. Hope you find just the right combination soon.

Ivy said...

I used something similar, "Dragon Naturally Speaking" so I could continue with undergrad studies after carpal tunnel surgery. I couldn't have gotten through without it, but I had to check things very carefully. It took about three times longer to write this way. Peace.

DogBlogger said...

So you did this whole post with that software? cool!

Ruby said...

It's amazing what's out there. Good for you to get all the alternatives going. I've often wondered whether voice recognition software wouldn't be a great solution for blabbering extroverts like me whose thoughts seem to coalesce in the air much better than they do on paper. (Personal secret -- when I type, I pretend that I'm dictating.)

ElastiGirl said...

Mr Incredible has used Dragon Dictate for over a decade now - it is his only way to access the keyboard for longer writing assignments - he used it throughout earning his mba. It does take time and energy but it was worth it for him.

St. Casserole said...

Oh my! Impressive technology!


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